Free Tool for Testing & Enhancing Your Typing Speed

Typing Test Tool:

Typing Test Tool is a device used to test the typing speed of an individual. Our free Typing Test tool makes you to check the typing speed according to selected or predefined time intervals. We are providing different time intervals you may select according to your convenience and test your typing speed and you can also practice the different typing tests for free. Our free typing test tool is built with a number of online practice tests that helps you to increase your typing skills.

Speed Typing Test:

Speed typing test is anonline predefined test which will help you to check typing speed. Our free typing test tool provides a number of free online practice tests, and free speed typing tests to check your typing speed.


The abbreviation of WPM is word per minute, basically the typing speed is decided by the number of words you are typing in that minute. Word per minute may vary person to person and completely WPM depends on the individual. Our free typing test tool helps to practice and to increase the WPM which directly or indirectly helps you to improve typing skills.

How fast can you type?

Generally everyone will have the curiosity to know their typing speed. If you are wondering to check how fast can you type then you are in the right place. We designed this unique typing test tool which enables to test your typing speed or how fast you can type at your desired or time intervals. Besides checking your typing speed you can even practice our free predefined tying practice tests online.

Calculate Your typing speed

Most of the people are interested in calculating their tying speed but they don’t how to calculate the typing speed but stop worrying about that because our typing test tool helps to calculate your typing speed for free. Generally Typing speed is calculated with WPM – Words Per minute. If you can know the number of words you are typing in a minute then you can calculate your typing speed. By using our free Typing Test Tool you can calculate the typing speed for free.

How can I type faster without looking at the keyboard?

Earlier to do that one has to take the training from a professional at a type learning facility but now you can learn it for free with us. The only thing you need to do is practice our free online practice tests till you get the perfection. Initially don’t think of typing fast but learn to type without looking into the keyboard once after getting that you can for the speed test practice sessions and enhance your typing speed within a couple of months. The time factor depends on you because if you are enthusiastic and practicing more you can even achieve that in one month also.

Good typing speed

What is a good typing speed, typing speed is completely depends on our requirement. If your work or time demands you then according to your requirement if you complete the work on time without any mistakes then it may be called a good typing speed. Someone require 20 WPM or 25 WPM or may be more or some of them may require 100 WPM everything is possible with our free typing test tool the only thing you need is practice according your requirement rest we will take care.

Increase Your typing speed to 100 wpm

As a matter of fact to increase the typing speed to 100 WPM first thing you have to know is how many words you are typing in a minute. Our free typing test tool helps to let you know the exact word count precisely and after that you can practice the free online practice tests which we are providing to reach you target.

Customer Satisfaction:

Typing Test tool helps you to count the words per minute for free, check your typing speed for free, provides a number of free online practice tests you can practice typing for unlimited hours for free. Our typing test online tool is unique, quick, easy to work with, and precise. Most of the customers who learned typing without watching the keyboard and increased their typing speed with our free online practice tests they are very happy and delighted with our services.

About us:

Our online free Typing Test tool helps you to practice typing for free, enables you to check the words per minute, your typing speed, we also provide a number of free online typing practice sessions. Stop worrying about the typing skills increase you typing skills for free at our online typing test tool.