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Typing Test Tool:

Typing Test Tool is a device used to test the typing speed of an individual. Our free Typing Test tool makes you to check the typing speed according to selected or predefined time intervals. We are providing different time intervals you may select according to your convenience and test your typing speed and you can also practice the different typing tests for free. Our free typing test tool is built with a number of online practice tests that helps you to increase your typing skills.

Speed Typing Test:

Speed typing test is anonline predefined test which will help you to check typing speed. Our free typing test tool provides a number of free online practice tests, and free speed typing tests to check your typing speed.


The abbreviation of WPM is word per minute, basically the typing speed is decided by the number of words you are typing in that minute. Word per minute may vary person to person and completely WPM depends on the individual. Our free typing test tool helps to practice and to increase the WPM which directly or indirectly helps you to improve typing skills….Know more