Logo Maker
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Online logo maker is a tool that helps every person on this earth and if you do not have skills to draw also then you do not have to worry because this is an online business logo maker where you select some things and our systems automatically design your logo.

A simple technique involves in making logos because all you do is click on ‘create your own logo now’ tab on home page.

As soon as you click on this tab you go to another page, here you can see that there are already some samples. However before you go ahead you should enter name of the company for which logo is required, you can also enter tag name if it is there.

Further you select font and tag line color before you click on ‘get your logo’ tab.

Yes, you can download any one of the logos after you enter required details in fields (steps given in 2 FAQ). After that you select one logo and click on save.

There is a possibility of editing logos and you can do this by clicking on edit option next to save option on logo making page.

Editing options include font size, font family, background color and font color. So when you finally complete this work then you click on ‘get your logo’ option.

Right now it is not possible for you to download logo maker and use it offline. However you can use logo maker online.

There are many colors from which you can use and give new look to your logos.

Yes, you can and it is after you enter all details and click on get my logo tab but in the next step you should not save your logo and in place of that you click on ‘edit’ tab.

When you enter this tab you go to another page where you change necessary details before finally clicking on get my new logo option.

Once your logo or business logo is ready you get this logo in PNG format and in the same format you download your logo.

We do not store personal data of any individual who is using our site and the same is with your business name so as soon as you finish downloading or saving customised logo your logo will no longer be available on this site.

In case you still have some more questions left and are not clear about using this site then you can contact us at - admin@trigama.in.

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