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What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is style sheet language, suggests how to write a document written in markup language like HTML elements. CSS explains how HTML elements should be displayed on the screen, paper, or other, media. CSS saves lots of work and helps to control the design of web pages. CSS saves your time and it has a facility to write CSS once and can reuse the same sheet for n number of HTML pages. Therefore, there is no use to write HTML tag attributes every time while writing the program. Thus, as once the CSS rule of the tag is applied, and the same is used for every event of that tag. CSS can store all the web applications regionally with the help of an offline cache. By using this web application we can even view the offline website. The script is stable platform independence and supports all the latest browsers too.


CSS Generator is a free tool used for creating the templates of HTML /CSS. It is an online web tool where people face problems in writing the correct code. This is one of the best online straights and radial gradient generator helps the designers to get the right code for the requested styles to form the customers. If you want to create a border radius, text shadow, or if you want to choose the multiple columns etc, instead of writing the whole code you can just give the values which are already predefined in the CSS generator. Form the CSS generator you need to copy the current code to the clipboard from the generator or select the desired line one by one and paste it in the page where it is required.
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